Saturday, February 28, 2009

Trek to Green Lake

The drive to the end of the road system to start my run to Green Lake.  All of 14 miles from one end of the road system to the other. It has been years since I shifted into 5th gear.  My car might fall apart going above 45 mph.  Not much of a classic story here; no stalking brown bears, falls on the icy road, no staggeringly low blood sugars or search and rescue calls.  Actually, it was uneventful but was extremely beautiful.  This is simply a story so I could post some nice pics.
Yes, the road was snow and ice.  Thank goodness for the way overused Nike's that have climbing rubber on the tread.  They work well on ice but I am longing to throw them deep into the closet and emerge with my beloved Teva's that have seen minimal use this winter. Abounding ice conditions have dominated the running scene.
 Blood sugars were perfect and I ran well and reasonably fast.  Trip to Green Lake is 6.5 miles on a dirt road and is the best option if a runner wants to get some decent miles in w/o pavement and w/o running on the shorter trails that are generally uphill and more technical.  Some rolling hills on this route keeps your attention but most of my attention was on the fact that we had a clear day with unbelievable terrain.  Views down into Silver Bay were stunning.
2 Trips to Green Lake this weekend and I am ready to let the Nike's sit idle for a day. 
A frozen Green Lake.  End of this adventure.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Banff Film Festival rolls through Sitka

Those involved with the Banff Film Festival: L to R- Kate Petraborg, me, Stefanie Gignac, Natalie Sattler, Robin Grewe, Stephen Van Derhoff
My nonprofit group No Limits had the honor to be selected by the Banff Film Festival Sitka to receive the proceeds from the
from the Festival. This funding will be applied toward the No Limits Kayak Expedition Alaska, which will be for people with diabetes. I am working with Scott Harris at Alaska Coast Wilderness Expeditions. No date has been set but we are looking at some possible dates and are talking with a few people who may be participants and seeing what may work for them. We are leaning on a 3 day trip and we will have some kayak training before the trip.
More to follow......