Sunday, May 31, 2015

Thanks to those who create, read, dream and support!

Thanks to those who create, read, dream, scan and support!

A photo I took of the Catalina Mountains, Catalina, Arizona

I enjoy sharing my photos and adventures with the internet world.  Many of those who read this blog,  are part of the Type 1 community.  They have Type 1 diabetes and know the real ups and downs and additional challenges that this disease has on each of us who deal with this 24/7.  It is my true hope that through photos and my adventures that I can help inspire others.  Maybe to dream of their own their own adventures or next challenge.  Diabetes is not going to stop them! 

I am honored and especially touched when those who create, use my photos or stories as a small step to use their talent as they share and inspire others with their creations.  
Below are creations by Dana Belore and Joseph Lansing.  Thank you Dana and Joseph for such a Blessing and encouragement!
Painting by Dana Belore (a talented 13 years old, who happens to have diabetes) of the photo above.  

Photo I took during a run in Charouleau Gap, Catalina, Arizona

Painting of the photo above, by talented artist, Joseph Lansing (also a member of the diabetes community)

Friday, May 8, 2015

Let's Do It! (Part 3)

Let's Do It! (Part 3)

At the end of Part 2, I mentioned something about the fact that Roger and I rarely knew where we would be resting our heads  after a day on the bicycle.  That was part of the excitement of the day as we pedaled to the end of either:
1.  our sanity
2.  our hunger
3.  daylight
4.  our physical limits
5.  all of the above

I only remember 3 hotel/motel stopovers.  These were not planned, just happened to come across a cheap hotel/motel or we truly needed a shower.  

The beauty of this adventure was a true lack of planning and a 'winging it' attitude.  Since we only had about 1.5 months to prepare, it did not allow us to do much planning other than the expected scurry to get out of Tucson, pedaling east.

Since I have diabetes there was at least a degree of extra planning on my part.  Keeping Dave alive would require insulin, syringes, low blood sugar items, blood testing supplies, patience, and perseverance.  

We did a lot of camping out.  This was in Santa Fe, NM

The true heroes of the tour were the fraternities, kind families we usually met in grocery stores, churches, and the dependable fire departments.  They always took us in.  I can still remember sleeping in a fire truck. I have this vague memory of setting off the fire alarm in the fire station in Sonora, Kentucky, as we accidently burned, yet another meal.  I will have to dig into my photo archives for the classic photo of Rog dressed in fireman apparel on his bicycle.  

One of those lingering memories is a couple in Missouri that invited us to stay at their home.  After dinner they went out for the evening.  We had the place to ourselves.

A list of places we challenged ourselves to spend the night included:
Cemetery - score!
Jail - we were rejected
The Cookie Lady - A Virginia must stop!  There were cookies, so not really a 'true' challenge.

Bus - Don't remember if it was on our challenge list, but we managed a bizarre evening in a bus.

Yes, after Part 3 we will escape New Mexico!